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Our Philosophy

At The Foutch Metzger Group, helping clients build, manage, protect and transition wealth are our top priorities. We cultivate relationships with individuals including retirees, business-owners and philanthropists looking to maximize their financial situation. By providing trust and estate planning in coordination with a variety of life insurance and annuity options and through proper asset allocation, we are able to help clients meet their financial goals.

Our Process

Our process begins by getting to know you, your current financial situation and your goals for the future. This enables us to craft an investment plan best suited for your short-term and long-term needs. Once we’ve established a plan for your household, we implement a disciplined investment management approach to help you reach your goals.

The Foutch Metzger Group understands that as your personal and professional life changes, so does your financial life. We focus on formulating a personalized strategy appropriate to your needs. To ensure your plan continues to work for you, we conduct annual in-person meetings to review your account performance and revisit your financial goals.

Client Onboarding Path


Our first step together is where we identify the purpose of money in your life and what is most important to you. We ensure that we isolate your goals and desires, while also addressing your pertinent needs. In addition, you will be formally introduced to the members of The Foutch Metzger Group.


Our introductory meeting serves as a catalyst in isolating what is most important in our client’s lives. We will address goals and concerns to ensure we are all on the same page. A plan cannot begin to take shape without a thorough examination of where our clients have been, currently are and want to be.


Utilizing the financial and non-financial information we have gathered and analyzed, The Foutch Metzger Group will prioritize a plan of action for our clients. Together, we will discuss how our strategy is best suited to achieve your goals.


The Presentation allows our clients to see their comprehensive financial picture. We will address risks, provide recommendations, and commit to a course of action. Both parties will know what their roles will be in moving forward in our comprehensive wealth management process.


Here, we will commit to the comprehensive plan to be put into action. All appropriate paperwork will be completed to initiate the transfer of your outside accounts.

The Foutch Metzger Group will guide you on a tour of our website, and we will illustrate what the monthly financial statement will look like.


The Client Experience is of upmost importance to The Foutch Metzger Group. We ensure that you are comfortable with all information presented throughout the Client Onboarding Path.

Confirmation & Follow Through

The Foutch Metzger Group will confirm with you that all outside assets have successfully transferred. Our comprehensive investment plan will be put into place.

Planning and investment management are ongoing processes. The Foutch Metzger Group will meet with you on an ongoing basis to ensure everyone is on track.


As assets and money change hands, The Foutch Metzger Group ensures that the transition is as seamless as possible. Prompt responses are critical to the success of our relationship together.

Our Capabilities

Putting your financial plan in place requires access to advanced and exceptional resources. At Baird, we have a broad range of investments and solutions from which to choose. Allow The Foutch Metzger Group to help you create a comprehensive wealth management plan that is aligned with your specific objectives.